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[Event] My Guild My Power

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[Event] My Guild My Power

Postby [GM]Thor » 10 Apr 2017, 14:31

Hello Adventurers..
This is New Event of April 2017 ;)

"Be the best guilds in World Alfheim Tales Online! Give your best moments together in the Guild"

Rules :
1. Make a biographical story of your Guild, add the Mission and Vision.
2. Screenshot of togetherness you together Guild Leader, with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 Members.
3. The minimum level must be reached Lv.3 Guild!
4. Include a little Edit Caption at the screenshot using the name of your guild.
5. This event starting from 11 - 30 April 2017.
6. Submit your Screenshot (FORMAT: .jpeg) by E-Mail to
with Subject "My Guild My Power" with your ID, Nickname, and Server.


3 Selected Guild will receive the prizes:
** Guild Leader:
• 5 Gemspack Lv.4
• 2 Gold Bag (B)
• 5 Exp Scroll
• 5 Golden Ticket
• VIP Wings (1-Day)
• Mount Pack (7-Day)

** Member:
• 5 Gemspack Lv4
• 1 Gold Bag (B)
• 5 Exp Scroll
• 5 Golden Ticket
• VIP Wings (1-Day)
• Mount Pack (7-Day)

And an additional prize for the Best Guild will be selected directly by Thor:
** For the Guild Leader and Member

• 15 Golden Ticket
• 10 Garment Shard


*All GM Decision is Absolute &
OrangeGame reserves the right to end or change the terms of this event with or without any notification.
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