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Postby Aikayuki » 02 Jun 2017, 01:39

First of all Good day to everyone i came here because i can't stand anymore the behavior of the other players in the game ..
For me i know that pk is common but why and why people that so strong killing low level and camping them also in Heavens Treasure event ..
We want also the materials but they keep killing us many of my friends are quitting the game because of them they are bullying us .. that's not fair for every low level and low BP like me and i know that if you don't top up you are still weak or " noob " i know that and yea i'm a loader but my concern is they are old player we can't even go the same level as them and same Battle power my i suggest that give them a warning for being a bully in the game .?? The game is Crystal saga 2 ..

Hope that you will read this.

thank you so much and Good day to all of you :) <3
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